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& fx contacts lenses

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Strobe Lights

Strobe lights come in all shapes and sizes. You can buy mini strobe lights, large strobe lights and strobe lights inside skulls and other plastic objects. I have found that the small strobe lights work just as well as the large ones, and they are generally cheaper.
Here are some ideas on how to use your strobe lights different ways........

-Place in front of YARDBOYS when there is at least a breeze outside. This will make them look like they are moving.
-In a room or in a tunnel, cover the walls with either aluminum foil or metallic table cloths. Then, place a strobe light or two in the corners and watch the guests stumble to the other side. For an added effect, place a fan and a yardboy up against a wall with a fan blowing on it. Or, just have someone dressed up moving around.
-Place inside a pumpkin
-Tie onto a tree branch in front of a crow, hanging spider(s), hanging body, ghosts, or whatever else you may want hanging from a tree branch.
-In a body bag room, with strips of clear plastic or ripped pieces of burlap or cheese cloth hanging everywhere.
-In front of a cage with a monster inside jumping around or excaping.

Want your strobe to have some color? You can buy at the party stores transparent gift wrap, like the stuff they use to wrap easter baskets. Cut out a couple of small squares and tape to the front of the strobe.