including character latex
& fx contacts lenses

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The most important thing about your haunt will be SAFETY! For you, your helpers, and your guests. Here are a few guidelines to help make sure your haunt is a safe one. Please make sure to use common sense and to ask for information from professionals if your not sure if an item or way of doing something is safe.

DO NOT have any "real" flames. DO NOT use "real" candles. Try using "flameless" led tealight candles inside your pumpkins or use glow sticks, battery powered pumpkin lights (these come in strobing or color changing-also very cool effect inside other haunt items!)

DO NOT overload extension cords or outlets.

DO NOT have any extension cords laying in or across pathways of your guests. If you absolutely have to be sure to have a heavy rubber mat on top so your guests do not trip over them.

DO NOT use any liquids around electrical items/props. Be very careful when placing any "fogging" items especially if they are the ones that have a "mister" inside them as water will splatter and coat the surrounding area and items!

USE gloves when handling dry ice. NEVER touch it without protection.

USE plastic containers instead of glass for any lab or witch scenes.

DO NOT have any dark pathways that have steps or dips without them being illuminated so guests do not trip or fall.

DO have a path for your guests to follow. If you don't use "caution tape" or rope to limit where your guests can go. They WILL wonder into your scene(s)/display.

If using a FOG MACHINE be sure to keep it away from any flameable items (curtains, leaves, etc.). They get extremely hot!

If you are doing a haunt/display OUTDOORS and you are expecting RAIN. Take plastic sandwich bags and cover your extension cords ends where they connect use duct tape to secure together. This will help keep out moisture and water. Also a good techinque when using extension cords for Christmas lights if you live where it snows.

DO make one or two rules sign(s) - touch nothing and nothing will touch you, no flashlights or using a cell phone as one, no smoking, must stay on path, no pushing, ect.

DO make a warning/caution sign if you are using strobe lights, fog, lasers, vortex tunnel, vibrations, loud sounds, & if you haunt is not approiate for children or pregnant women, etc.