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Yard Boys


      Yard boys are one of the coolest ways to make extra spooks, monsters, or zombies. They also are rather easy to make. Here are the items you will need to make yard boys.... SEE BELOW FOR PICTURE!

    • 1 bag of quick cement
    • 2 small cardboard boxes
    • 2-6' pvc pipe
    • 2 pieces of thick wire long enough for arms
    • round wooden pole/dowl just the right size to fit into the pvc pipe with a little extra room (for wire wich will be on each side)cut into 2-6" pieces
    • 2 styrofoam heads (I get mine at the local beauty supply store for about $1.99 each)
    • 2 a mask, costume, and hands.

      • Ok now when you get all of the needed item together first cut the top flaps off of the cardboard boxes. Then place them in a warm and dry place. Next mix your cement up then while holding the pvc pipe in the center of your box slowly pour or scoop the cement into the box, make sure you put at least 3 or 4 inches of cement into the box to support the pvc pipe. Then either hold up the pvc pipe until dry or support it with some wood, bricks, or whatever you have around. Just so they don't fall over, it shouldn't take but maybe 5 minutes or so for the cement to stiffen. Next take the thick wire for the arms and bend it in half place the 6" wooden pole in the center of the bend then push into the top of the pvc pipe an inch or two. Bend the wire to shape the arms, place the styrofoam head on top of the wooden pole. Then dress with a costume, hands, and a mask and presto! Instant monster!!

        Another thing you can do is paint the styrofoam heads with acrylic paint(this will not eat/melt the styrofoam) paint facial/monster features, eyes, and you can use super glue ON TOP OF THE ACRYLIC PAINT to glue on noses, ears, scars, skin!! Then just put a wig on it and you can really make these guy look REAL by doing this!!!!!!