including character latex
& fx contacts lenses

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Slime and Potions

Here are some different ways to make slime......

* Cornstarch, water and food coloring
* Flour, water and food coloring
* White corn syrup and food coloring (and water if you want it thinner) also good with red food coloring for fake blood.

And here are the different ways to make potions, these are great for lab scenes!

* Jello
- Put in a glass vase, jar or beaker and make by instructions on jello box, when firm take a straw, put it into the jello and blow into the straw as you pull the straw upwards, this will give you the look of the liquid bubbling, do this many times to get the greatest effect.
- You can also use floral gel to get the same look just add food coloring BUT DO NOT EAT IT!!

TIP - If you are using a black light click HERE to find out what you can put into glass containers that will glow!