including character latex
& fx contacts lenses

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The Shed

For 2006 I will create this scene. It will be a room about 24ft x 24 ft, a temporary building made of wood so I will be able to lock it up. This will be taken down after halloween and stored. For 2006 I will need a scene where the freshly dug up friends and family would wait to become awakened if the potion was right this time.

For this scene I invisioned an old "shed" where shovels, barrels, the freshly dug up, where snakes, rats, and spiders hung out. I have a spider webs all over and all across the ceiling where a red laser light that casts out a storm of red waves would shine, I would use fog in this scene as well. I would have a few coffins, corpses, hiding pop ups, and maybe an air cannon also. I am going to purchase a unit from SINISTER SCENTS (goto the where to buy props & stuff page to see or buy their products) they specialize in units to distribute scents in your haunt, I am going to use a dirt/decay scent for this scene.

On the outside of the "shed" there would be 2 flaming skulls, one on each side of the doorway. The path would be almost through the middle of this scene so that way you could have scares coming from both sides, and the guests would have plenty to look at not knowing where the next scare was coming from.

Pictures will be posted after this haunt season!