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Spider Webs

There are many different kinds of spider webs to you can buy or make.
There are the store bought strechy ones which come in white, glow in the dark, and neon colors.
You can use "web cloth" a strechy material that is reg. or uv active. I believe it is "beef netting". It is a newer item I know Shipwreck Productions sell it. It has a different look to it if you want big chunks of webs.

You can purchase a "web shooter" (uses a fan blade and drill)or "web gun" (hot glue/air gun) to make more realistic spider webs in your scenes.

First lets go over the "web shooter". This unit is basicly a small metal can with a small hole in it attached to a small metal fan blade. You attach this unit to a drill. When you run the drill the unit spins and forces/blows webs out.
If you are having your haunt or party inside this will work great. KEEP IN MIND- the webs this unit makes WILL NOT hold up outside where there is rain, any kind of dampness, or wind. These element will destroy the webs.
You can purchase a Web Shooter from Terror By Design, they carry a regular web fluid or uv web fluid for their web shooter.

Next you have the "web gun"/shooter. This unit is a "modified" hot glue gun that has a air line put inside. You hook this unit up to a air compressor and when the gun has heated up you can "blow" webs where ever you like.
This will work great for inside haunts and OUTDOORS.
These webs WILL hold up to rain, dampness, and wind up to about 30mph. If your display, haunt or party is outdoors this is the one for you!

Other types of spider webs......

You can purchase "web cloth" a stechy material with holes cut into it. As before I know Shipwreck Productions sell it. I also have heard you can buy the "beef netting" material from a meat packing plant. I will post more when I find out more information on this stuff.

Last but not least, are the store bought spiderwebs. These come in various sizes and colors. Some brands are very good while others are pretty much worthless.
You can buy these in white, glow in the dark, or neon colors. If you are using a blacklight you can sprinkle baby powder on the white spiderwebs to make them glow, soak your white spiderwebs in rit whitner brightner and let dry or spray on rit whitner brightner to make them glow a very bright light blue color, paint spiders with flourscent or glow in the dark paint (craft or fabric), or dip spiders in glow in the dark glue -which will dry pretty clear, you should still be able to see the colors on the object you are dipping. Make sure to try an "test" one first to make sure it turns out the way you like you can always delute the glue to make it clearer and thinner.