including character latex
& fx contacts lenses

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Learn to make...
a Picture Frame out of Foam!


I had purchased a print from Haunted Enterprises. You can purchase frames from them to if you'd like. I did not so, I made my own. This is how I made mine...

You'll need.....

1 piece of foam, either pink or white. Large enough so that when you lay down your print on top you have at least an extra 2 inches of foam sticking out on each side.
a foam cutter or knife
laytex paint (any color, this is just for the base paint you'll be painting over this)
spray paint (gold, copper, silver, or whatever color you want your frame)
hot glue gun and sticks

OK, lets begin...
Take your piece of foam, lay it on a table or floor. Place your print on top. Make sure you have and extra 2 inches of foam sticking out on every side. Once you have your print centered take a pencil and lightly trace the outside of your print. Remove print from foam.

DO NOT CUT THIS LINE OUT! Where your traced lines are measure and mark at least 1/2 inch on the inside. We are making a smaller box inside of the traced one. If you were to cut out the traced lines of the print we made your picture will fall out and not have any way to attach it to the frame, making the box at least 1/2 inch smaller gives us some room to glue down the edges of the print.

Once you have all your lines marked, cut out the smaller box you just made.

After this you can now detail your frame, cutting edges, borders, adding texture by using either a foam cutter or knife (be carefull! DO NOT USE A KNIFE UNLESS YOUR ARE AN ADULT!) Don't foget to add chips and dings for age if you wish.

After you got your frame looking the way you like. Completely cover with an laytex paint and let dry. (If we were to put spray paint directly on the foam it would eat right through it. Laytex won't do this so it protects the foam from being eaten/distroyed)

Once completely dry, cover with your choice of spray paint and let dry.

Attach your print by putting a small dot of hot glue on each corner of the print and pressing it to the foam. You can also hot glue a piece of string across the top to hang your picture up.