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How to make...
a paper Mache' Mummy!

Here is a list of things you will need ....
Hot glue or super glue
Tall garbage bags (any color)
Twist ties
Duct tape or masking tape
Old sheet (white)
Glue mixture
Newspaper (whole sheets and strips)
Instant coffee (yes coffee)
Styrofoam head
5' pvc or wood 2"x 2"
1 bag of quick cement
Small cardboard box (12"x12" square at least) 6" tall
Stick pins

First, I made the "stand" that will hold the mummy up. Have someone help you do this part. To do this I first got a mixture of Quick cement ready to pour then, I took a small cardboard box (at least 12"x12", 6"tall) and a 5', 2"x2" wood pole (or pvc), held the pole in the center of the box while my helper poured the cement into the box, fill it up at least 5" tall, hold the wood pole for a few minutes until the cement sets, then leave undisturbed for a hour or two.
Next take a tall garbage bag and cut lengthwise in half, now take the two separate pieces you made and tape each together so you have 2 garbage bags. Crumple up some newspaper and stuff into each one then tie the open end with a twist tie.

Then, take a roll of masking tape or duct tape and continuously wrap it around the garbage bag, making it smaller to the size of an arm this will also make it stiffer (remember to make a bend in it -L shaped- so your mummy will have it's arms crossed. When finished set aside- these will be your arms.

Take another garbage bag and do the same thing except when you tape them make them straight, these will be your legs. - set aside.
Then, take another garbage bag and fill the whole thing up with newspaper and then tape it to look like the middle body part of your mummy (a rectangle shape). When you are finished with this tape the arms and the legs to this rectangle (duct tape works best), then get a styrofoam head and duct tape it to the top.

After all this is completed get your stand out and hold your mummy up against it, find the height you want it then duct tape the pole and the middle body together going around the body and pole, after you get plenty of tape on there and your sure he won't move, then you can start to paper mache' him, make sure to put many, many layers!! It will take a few days for him to dry.

After your mummy is completely dry, take a old white sheet and tear the whole thing into about 4" wide strips. Now you are ready to start wrapping your mummy with the sheet strips, you can either use superglue or hot glue to attach the ends of the strips to your mummy, when wrapping the head, you can use stick pins to pin down any pieces/corners sticking up or to attach an end to the head. Leave a few strips here and there, long and short hanging down, you can let it unravel a little bit too, it adds to the look!
When all finished wrapping with the cloth, get a spray bottle and dissolve some instant coffee in warm/hot water and spray it all over, here and there, on your mummy. This will give him an aged look, yellowish, brownish color, the effect is really cool.
That is it! Your mummy is now ready to delight trick or treaters and then some!!!