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How to make a ...
Paper Mache' GHOST

Here is a picture of a paper mache' ghost
I made out of white tissue paper, it stands
about 4 feet tall and about 2 feet wide.
It took a week to dry.

To make a ghost you will need,
white tissue paper,
2 cardboard rolls from paper towels ,
glue mixture,
cardboard boxes or gallon paint cans to set it on for height,
paint for eyes,
acrylic clear coat spray,
string or fishing line.

First of all, you will need an inflated balloon and tape it to the top of a pop bottle or old vase. Tape paper towel cardboard rolls or clothes hanger wire to the pop bottle or vase for arms. Set the bottle on top of some tall boxes or old paint cans, this is so that you can make your ghost very tall. Make sure that where you set up and make your ghost is in a room or place where it won't be disturbed, moved, or bumped until dry. If you are making one the size of the one I made it will take a week for it to dry. Use white tissue paper and place one sheet at a time onto the balloon and arms them using a spray bottle spray the "glue" mixture onto the tissue paper. Keep adding layers until you get the desired length, shape and thickness you desire. Check your ghost in a few days to check dryness, depending on the size it may take longer. When ghost is dry you can paint eyeballs, mouth or whatever you desire onto the ghost. If you are planning on hanging your ghost outside I would suggest spraying a acrylic clear coat over the whole ghost to water and tear proof it! Also make a small hole on the top so you can hang it, and since you used tissue paper you can hang a glow stick or tow inside your ghost and it will glow in the dark!

*NOTE* - you must spray the glue mixture on the tissue paper, if you don't and decide to dip the tissue paper into the glue mixture it will turn into mush, rip and tear, fall apart and you won't be able to use it and it will dissolve right before your eyes!!!