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How to paper mache'

To paper mache' you need to have a Glue Mixture,
Here are a few recipes:

Using White Glue
1 cup white glue - like emlers
1 cup water
just mix and dip your newspaper strips into, then let dry.

Using Wallpaper Paste Powder just add enough water to reach gravy consistency, then dip your newspaper strips into, then let dry.

Using Starch
just dip the newspaper strips directly into the starch, paper mache', then let dry.

NOTE: There is also a recipe for using flour unfortunatly I don't have this one yet.
then you need to get some old newspapers and cut them into strips, 1" or 2" strips work well, then just dip your newspaper strips into the glue mixture and apply to your object(s) you want to paper mache'.

You can also use tissue paper.
NOTE: if you are using tissue paper to paper mache' with - like for the ghost- make sure you place the tissue paper on your object first then pour the glue mixture into a spray bottle and spray the glue onto the paper!! If you dip tissue paper it will turn into mush and melt before your eyes!!!
To begin there are three different recipes that I know of to use for the glue mixture, below you will find all three listed for you, experiment and decover which one works best for you.

Next you can use one of these recipes and make replicas of haunt items you want more of. In order to assure that you won't harm the item you are paper macheing over, completely wrap the item in saran or plastic wrap.
When completely dry, take and exacto knife carfully and slowly cut the paper mache item into halfs so you can take the item copied out of the center.

Then either using tape or more paper mache mend the cut/seam to put the two halfs back together. Let dry then paint!