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Frankenstein Lab

Welcome to the Lab!! Here you will find out how to build , design, and make a Frankenstein lab. I have included pictures at the bottom of this page of these items as I had made them for my haunt to further help you. I guarentee it will be fun, easy and cheap to make!!! So here we go.......

To begin, gather a large selection of different sized cardboard boxes. Then, using silver carpet tape, tape together the boxes to make on large box. Next, spray paint the boxes, I usually use white, black or red. Once the paint has dried, take a writing pen or pencil and punch holes wherever you would like "lights" to be. After you have all your holes punched, grab yourself a strand of Christmas light. These can be blinking, motion, solid or multi. colored bulbs . Push the lights into the holes you just punched out. To add effect to your boxes use plastic pop bottles and wrap them in foil and hot glue them to the outer sides of the box, this gives you the look of electrical conductors and they reflect he lights like crazy. An other extra is to use some florescent yard or tube of plastic and connect the electrical conductors and boxes together with this stuff, just make a "wire" mess. Write "WARNING", "CAUTION", "DANGER", or similar messages on your boxes. I use glow in the dark fabric paint, but make sure it says "florescent" on the bottle, just looking like it is don't count!!
*You can also make some boxes out of wood. Especially if you want them to stay in good condition and you want to be able to reuse them in future years. Making them out of wood lets you make them more realistic. You can mount metal switches, lights, metal signs, etc. to them without them falling apart. You could even screw sheetmetal to the outside for a realistic look too.

Get a large table you can use for the lab scene, if you don't have one available try to use a few boxes or saw horses and a sheet of wood on top and a table cloth or plastic, they'll never know. Just make sure it is sturdy, you don't want everything to come crashing down and breaking. Shelves also work great in this scene.

Glass vases with jell-o in them. (make it like normal and keep in the fridge, when set use a straw and blow bubbles into it and stand a glow stick behind the vase- awesome effect!!! or place on top of round pumpkin lights -the flat round strobe or changing color kind you set inside a pumpkin to light it up-) Empty jars of all kinds. I save all kinds of jars here are a few examples of cool looking jars to save for your lab scene.... olive oil jars, wine bottles -these come in many colors- , hobby jars, different colored glass vases and jars from hobby craft stores, beverage jars, spice jars. Once you get a collection of jars use them to put eyeballs, bugs, "growing" hands, skulls, guts, colored water, TONIC WATER glows under a black light so I use it a lot, in them. Use labels with differen fonts on them here are a few examples, POSION, ACID, FROG WARTS, WEREWOLF TEETH, WEREWOLF BLOOD, CRICKETS, LOCUS SHELLS, ZOMBIE TOES, RAT HAIR, SPIDERS, FRESH TONGES, MOSS, CREEK SLIME, SLUG JUICE, EYEBALLS, VIRGIN BLOOD, IMBALMING FLUID, LIZARD TOENAILS, CROW FEET, BUTTERFLY POWDER, MOTH WINGS, BAT EYES, SNAKE VENOM, SNAKE SKIN, ROACHES, ANTS, PIG FEET, or whatever evil concauction you see fit. for books in your lab I use two methods, Wrap puzzle boxes with florescent paper for books in your scene and on the side write titles. Or get old books from garage sales or goodwill and spray paint the outside covers and paint on titles like, POTIONS, SPELLS, BODY PARTS ENCYCLOPEDIA, SURGERY,DARK MAGIC, DARK SPELLS, EVIL CONCOCTIONS, LOVE POTIONS 101, BRING THEM BACK TO LIFE PART 1, HOW TO MAKE A HUMAN FROM SCRATCH in large letters.

Here are some other items you'll definately want in your lab......
White mice
Plastic sticky maggots
Spider webs and spiders
Toxic goo
Light up candelabras
Caution tape
Fake blood
Flickering candles
Lab music/sounds
Victim table
Cauldren with fog and light (fog machine and green or red glow sticks)
Mixing bowls
Test Tubes
Body Parts

Have someone in a Zombie, Ghoul, Hospital Gown, Frankenstein or Frankenstein's Bride costume sitting or walking around the electrical boxes or laying on the victim table. And a mad scientist never hurts!!!

Also if possible use a "tube" florescent black light in this scene, it looks so AWSOME!!!
Things that glow under a black light page to help you!!!

This is the right side of the lab scene as you know the flash on the camera always kills the lighting effects. We did have a blacklight and a strobe light plus many glow sticks and florescent items it was AWSOME!!

This one is the left side of the lab. Here you can see the books and jars of body parts and on the table "glow in the dark maggots" we did however add more "glow" rodents, spiders, webs, and pests.

This is part of the lab scene in 2003.

Just another way to build a lab.