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Haunting101.com - Love Halloween? Learn how to make your Home or Yard Haunted! Info. on scenes, lighting, props, decorating, special effects, sound and more! You will learn how to make and create all of this and more! Member: Tracy M.

Introverted Painting - Affordable and bright paintings; because everyone deserves a little piece of original art. "My paintings which are vibrant and colorful run the gambit in numerous sizes. I like to paint something as small as 5"x7" to a large 16" X 20". Sometimes a wall calls for a large painting other times a small one but I put as much detail into both as I can. Halloween is my favorite time of year so I have a few simple yet elegant paintings that could also work year round as decorations for any other Halloween fans." Member: Sabrina Z.

Nightchillsstudios.com - Nightchills Studios! Come visit our online store and satisfy your Halloween needs. We offer custom made tombstones, corpsed items, props, hard to find prop building supplies, soundscapes and other Halloween items for both the Novice and Professional Haunter alike." Members: Brad & Tracy M.