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Need an Entrance or Exit?
Then read on my friend!

Need some ideas on how to make an entrance or an exit? Well, here's a few things I have done and some other ideas to kick around for awhile!

Hang black plastic up for a wall, cut a door out or cur along the sides where you want a door and make strips WITHOUT cutting the tip of the door. Or use a doorway decoration that has tassels hanging down.

Using white or pink styrofoam, wood, or material make a doorway. Then take some more styrofoam and break off into chunks. Paint with laytex or acrylic paint in different stone colors, grey, white, red, etc. Then add a coat of stone spray paint to add the color fleck to give final touch.

Make a wooden frame then glue styrofoam sections over frame. Then paint with laytex or acrylic grey paint. When dry add a coat of grey stone spray paint to add color flecks. When dry, using a small artist paint brush and black or dark grey paint make the cement lines that are inbetween bricks on a wall. Add a gargole,flaming pumpkin, or whatever you like on top and you now have a podeum for your entrance, walkway, or to use as part of your haunted fence.

Things to put in front of your entrance
Hay bales, pumpkins, flying bat (from Walgreen's), strobe light, black light, candelabras, someone dressed up I a mask and costume sitting on a hay bale, lots of spider webs!

You can also make a big sign that will display the rules of your haunt, for example, don't touch anything, only one time through the haunt, no running, not responsible for accidents, this way at least they can't say they didn't know.
You can make a creature to hold your sign. Click Here to learn how to use monster mud to make one! Truly the best way!
Or use fluorescent poster board, a back marker and a black light to make one. Use your imagination and make something really cool!