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What's a great way to get low and spooky lighting which will also give a great effect to your scenes??? You guessed it! By using Candelabras!

What are the best places or scenes for Candelabras? Hummmm.... the possiblities are endless! But here are a few suggestions just in case you need a tip or two.

Haunted Hallways, Witch scenes, Lab scenes, Dungons, Next to a coffin, Near an entrance, Next to an exit, Next to something you want people to read, Next to signs, in a graveyard.

To begin you will need these items....
A old chandelier
1/2" pvc 5 foot long
Liquid Nails
a 2" x 4" cut into 2, 12" long pieces
Flicker Bulbs (as many as your chandelier needs)
Gold or Brass spray paint
A new 6' extension cord
Solder Gun

To see the ones I have made scroll to the bottom of the page.

First take the the two 12" pieces of 2 x 4's. take one piece and cut the center of it out to fit the other piece in it to make an x shape, see picture below.

Next with a drill and a 1 1/2 to 2 inch bit (depending on the outside width of your pvc) cut into the center of the x you just made. Go all the way through (Also make a indentation from the center out to the outside of the x for your cord to run out-so it won't wobble) Squirt some "Liquid Nails" onto one end of the pve and around the inside of the hole in your x, slowly push the pvc into the x and let it sit for an hour or so to let the glue set and dry some. Then set aside till later.

Now take your old chandelier and take it apart you will need to make the wires come out of the bottom instead of the top. See picute below.
When you have this done take the new extension cord and cut off the end you plug stuff into, NOT THE END YOU PLUG INTO THE WALL, then twist the correct wires together and solder and tape.
Next put the extension cord throught the pvc and out the other end, set the chandelier carefully on top and lift up to squirt a massive amount of "Liquid Nails" into the pvc and around the bottom of the chandelier that will be sitting in the pvc, hold steady for awhile for the glue to set, then let sit for a day or two undisturbed for the glue to cure.

When your glue is completely dry then spray paint the whole thing with gold or brass paint (you can get this at a craft store) then put the flicker bulbs into the sockets, add some spiderwebs and spiders - THAT'S IT!

There are tow different sized flicker bulbs, one will fit into c-7 or c-9 (large xmas lights)$.99 to $1.99 and the other into a regular light bulb socket $1.99 to $2.99, you can get these at a hardware store, menards, or home depot.

To add the effect of dripping wax to your candleabras take a hot glue gun (make sure to buy alot of glue sticks for this)and squirt the hot glue on the edge of the candle base and let it drip down, this will take many times of doing this to get "thicker drips". I have found that the best time to do this is either when you have the air conditioner on with fans going in the room and fanning the hot glue "drip" as it is dripping by hand with a piece of cardboard to slow it down. Or do outside when it is cold out. Make sure to put down news paper on what ever floor you are working on so you don't get glue on it!
You can also make the look of spiderwebs on your candleabra by quickly squirting a small amount of glue out of the glue gun and quickly touching different places of the candleabra.

These are the ones I have made.....

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