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Latest Happenings!
Upcoming movie previews
Pissed off squirrel - Very Funny Halloween Video! (not for kids)
TransWorld Video by Terra, See what you missed!

How to make your own Halloween village scenery

Create Your Own Teeth Plates For Your Creepy Looking Mask!
Make your own modeling clay
How to Corpse a Pumpkin

Featured Web Site -
Featured Vendor - Hi-Rez Designs

Greetings Everyone!

Wow what a year! Can you believe it is almost 2012 already?
Inbetween school, The FC Costume Ball, Halloween Prop Builders Workshop, Haunted Bus Trip and other endeavors we have been busily planning and working on, I have finally managed to get this newsletter finished and out to all you information starved ghouls! PHEW!

Gosh, where to begin? So much has happened since the last newsletter!

Our next gathering will be January 28th, the Annual Fear Crafters Chili Feed! Free Homemade Chili and Cinnamon Rolls!
Activites at the chili feed include:
Best Halloween Photo Contest - winner will receive an awesome prize package!
Voting on; 2012 club events, make n' takes, new t-shirt design, and more, MUST BE PRESENT TO VOTE ON THESE ITEMS, NO LATER VOTES COUNTED!

Please don't forget to "like" the Fear Crafters Facebook Page!
Fear Crafters Facebook Page, Cool items, props, products, haunts and other Halloween goodies are posted there as they are found! It is also a great place for members to communicate and post pics, questions, or post cool Halloween findings!

I have also created a NEW page in the members area.
"How To Make-up Video's", I have to give full credit to Ed for inspiring me to create this page!
Since we have the Costume Ball coming up among other events members may be attending for the Halloween season, I thought it would be a great idea to have a page with different make-up how-to's, direction, and ideas. There is a menu on the left of the page or you can scroll though all the videos. I spent many hours searching for some great videos and a variety of them, if you find or know of any other ones you would like me to add to this page please email or fb me the link!

A Special Thank You To.....

All of the members who have came down and donated items for and/or have attended our ongoing make n' takes for creating the table centerpieces, the candles and scenic props, the tombstones, and more! Brad had volunteered to actually teach everyone how to make for the first time outside of the SCC Halloween Prop Builders Workshop Class we teach in the fall, his Tombstone creating techinques! Yea! Thanks Brad, you Rock!

Everyones projects look awesome, I am in process of making a slideshow of the progress for all to see!

I know many of us have family activities, parties, etc. to attend, and we understand that it is nearly impossible to get everyone together at one time. We have the best members in the world! Many of you have still taken the time to come down and either attend meetings to vote on decisions and attended the make n' takes for the ball, all of your hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed, we are extremely greatful to all who have helped us on this giant project, and I can't wait to see the end result!

Make your own modeling clay video, from Cal Haunts

Make your own mini LED spotlights!
From: Alan H @

How to Corpse a Pumpkin!
From: Alan H @

Create Your Own Teeth Plates For Your Creepy Looking Mask!
From: Alan H @

Featured Vendor - Hi-Rez Designs

Want some great dvd's of all kinds for video projection, or for use on your tv?
Want them to be affordable for the home haunter?
Check out these guys, they have been creating these awesome dvd's since 2007.
Nic Andrews,owner and CEO of Hi-Rez Designs, had previously worked professionally in the Hollywood mainstream industry for over 15 years.

"As an active home haunter, recently receiving the Home Haunters 2010 Award: “Best Yard / Home Haunt”, Nic was searching for a means of bringing professional visual fx videos to home haunters without sacrificing the quality professional haunters would expect.

In early 2009, Nic and Hi-Rez Designs vowed to take the company in a new direction to create professional level visual fx DVD and HD videos and price the products so that any haunter could afford the product.

Basically, bring professional quality Halloween visual fx home.

This partially came about from the idea of not selling a finished animatronics prop, but to sell only the visual fx DVD / video itself, allowing the buyer to use their own LCD monitor or projector and DVD player to “build” the final props themselves while Hi-Rez Designs supplied the visual fx video inclusive of zombies, ghosts and so forth."
is stated on their web site, on the About Us page.

Pissed off squirrel - Very Funny Halloween Video! (not for kids)

A Haunted Halloween At Blackstone Cemetery

How to make your own Halloween village scenery


Check out this link for some cool tips on how to make scenery for your Halloween Village!

TransWorld Video by Terra

Didn't get to go to TransWorld this year?
Check out this great video created by Terra ( member)to see what you missed!

Awesome 2010 Home Haunt Videos!

Need your fix of some Halloween Shows?


Movie Previews

Don't be aftraid of the dark, Aug. 26th

Apollo 18, Sept. 2nd

Creature Sept. 9th

Underworld - Awakening Jan. 20, 2012

Twilight - Breaking Dawn Nov. 18


The howling- reborn, Oct. 18

The woman in black, Feb. 3, 2012
Recognize the main actor????

Dead Spiders Web Site/Blog

Need some great ideas?

Funny Halloween "mini" Muppet Shows