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What's New - Including Best Halloween Pictures Winner!
Featured Haunt - Bates Haunt
Featured Web Site - Phantasmechanics
Featured Product - Skull Tronix's DMX Talking Skull
Tips and Tricks - Cutting/Shaping foam & Hot Wire Foam Company
Recipes - Darkside Displays "Halloween Party Food" & Halloween Recipes 101
Extra Goodies - Freebies!

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Congratulations to our
Best Halloween Pictures Contest Winner!

Gene & Marcie O'Dowd!

Here are the pictures that won!

Rapidly Approaching:

Transworld 14th Annual Haunt & Attractions Show
March 27th - 29th 2009
St. Louis, MO
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Hauntcon 2009
April 30th - May 4th 2009
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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The National Haunters Convention
April 10th - 11th 2009
Valley Forge, PA
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Bates Haunt

Ready for a different kind of Haunted House?
As most Haunters hang spiderwebs, set out tombstones, erect walls, walkways, props, ghouls and other creepy items as part of the set up for their haunt. Dave Bates sets up a projector. You have to see this haunt to truly appreciate his talent and all the hard work he puts into this haunted show. This is completely different than any haunt I have seen before. It is really cool!
The web site is:
I highly recommend you watch his videos on just type Bates Haunt into the search box and all of his videos from past years and more will come up!

(image copyright of Dave Bates)

About This Site - "If you love to decorate your home for Halloween, or are involved in an annual haunted attraction, welcome aboard! If you are a dark ride enthusiast, or simply have an interest in live special effects, you are in the right place. Here, you'll find lots of helpful ideas and advice to get you started in advanced Halloween seasonal decoration or haunted attraction imagineering."

This site is famous for the how to instructions for the FCG (flying crank ghost) one of haunters favorite props to make and have at their Halloween event.

A FCG is a ghost that floats in mid-air, the arms move smoothly up and down as the whole ghost slowly hovers slowing moving up and down. This includes building a small frame with pulleys and a small motor.

Make sure to check out their
Picture Page to see different fcg's created by others!

Along with the FCG they also have other props & project how to's on their site!

Skull Tronix's DMX Talking Skull
*all images copyright of Skull Tronix*

If you haven't had the chance to see any of Skull Tronix's Products you really need to take a moment and check them out. Their DMX Talking Skull is one of the Best Animated Props available. The smooth animation of the jaw and eyes is very real. The skull moves left, right, up, down & tilts in many realistic directions. Every syllable is carefully programed to be accurate in giving the vocal tracks realism. Although this product is one of your more expensive ones with a price tag of $1599.00 it is definately one of the coolist! I have seen this prop at some of the conventions Brad & I have gone to and the realism of the movements of the skull and the eyes always makes me go into a trance and drool. This skull will come with a sound & movement routine of your choice either the ghost host, haunt rules, seance, or pirates chest. You can also (by using a program) create your own routine. It comes fully assembled to operate the DMX you need to hook it up to a computer.

Even if you are not planning on purchasing one of these skulls definately go to their web site and check out their gallery page you will be able to watch the videos of this product performing the different routines. Also check out their products page to see their other products available including the singing bust, another completely awesome prop!

If you make anything out of any kind of styrofoam such as, tombstones, walls, stones, pumpkins, landscapes & hills for an Halloween Village Display, etc. then here are some awesome tools for you!

First of all let me start out by saying it is possible to do all the sculpting with a razor or exacto knife but, if you want an easier and safer way you should try some of these hot wire tools.

Hot wire tools cut through foam just like a hot knife though butter. They are able to do this becasuse the cutting wire heating up which melts the foam that is how it "cuts" the foam this also make the "cut" edge smooth.

There are a few different types/brands to choose from.

I know Dept. 56 has a small hot wire kit that comes with about 4 different shaped cutting attachments. This is priced at about $25.00 at stores or you may get it cheaper on ebay.

One of our members "Pamela" found this hot knife tool around Halloween at "Michaels" craft stores. It is the "Walnut Hollow Designed For Her Creative Hot-Knife". You use this tool like an exacto knife as the "blades" look the same but, cut as a hot wire tool. It sells for around $20.00. Pamela seen them cutting out "funkins" with it, I can't wait to try this one!

Another very popular brand among haunters is the Hot Wire Foam Factory cutting tools. They have a wide variety of tools to choose from. Prices range from $30.00 (for a single tool with an adaptor) on up depending on if you want seperate tools or would like to buy a kit. They also have how to dvd's on foam cutting some are included with tools or kits. Some other products they offer are glues for foam that you can cut through & foam coatings to either harden or texture.

Instead of typing out a recipe or two for this issue, I wanted to give a couple of links to web sites that have more than one recipe to choose from as everyone tastes are different hopefully everyone will find a bunch of recipes they like!

Darkside Displays - Halloween Party Food

Halloween Recipes 101

Extra Goodies!

Still hungry for more?
Here are a few extra goodies for your hunger!

Haunt Cast - This is a rather new site. It has an haunt newsletter that you listen to as an audio clip (for free). Each issue is at least an hour or more long. They have just finished the 3rd edition. Each one includes reviews, interviews, discussion on props, music, and much more! Great to listen to while surfing the net!

Home Haunt News - This is a free online newsletter! Full of how to's, recipes, interviews, reviews, advertisements, etc! They post a new issue every 2 months!