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Chili Feed January 16th
Awesome and very large Transformer prop
Kick Off Party video & pictures
America Haunts Web Site
Halloween Prop Builders Workshop Class pictures & video
Transworld Convention Update
New Home Haunt News
Corpsed Fairies
Featured Haunt - Haunt31
Featured Web Site - Joshua Hoffine
Halloween Howler Sound Unit
Meatloaf Hand
The Haunting Grounds

Greetings to all! - Upcoming Chili Feed

We hope everyone had a great Halloween & Holiday season and are now enjoying some relaxation time now that the holidays are over!

The 2nd Annual Fear Crafters Chili Feed
Saturday January 16th, at 4:00 pm
the address is: 5031 S 54th
(go south on 56th street towards hwy 2, On Elkcrest Street which is at the traffic light at the bottom of the hill just before edgewood shopping center, turn west (right) on Elkcrest Street, Pegs house is 1 block straight ahead at the end of the T)

Get your favorite Halloween pictures ready to bring to the Fear Crafters Chili Feed, we are putting together a great prize package for the winner of the Best Halloween Picture contest at the chili feed!

We are also going to be having a make n take at the Chili Feed, we will be making a motion sensor unit for your haunt or yard display. The cost for this project is $18.00.

If you are planning on attending the Chili Feed and/or taking part in the make n take please email us and let us know how many will be attending (members only) the chili feed and if taking part in the make n take how many kits you want, deadline to let us know is January 11th.

Please Note: We will not be bringing extra kits to the Chili Feed, please reserve your kit before Jan. 11th!

Check this out, it's really cool. This person didn't use ghosts or grim reapers for Halloween but made "Transformers" and very large ones at that, for their display. The detail is amazing!

New Video & Slideshow of the 2009 Fear Crafters Kick Off Party!
Don't forget you can watch all our videos on our youtube channel at

Check them out below!

The Video

The Slideshow

America Haunts is a really neat web site I came across. It is hosted by Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn. Many episodes of visits to different haunts around the country. Definately worth checking out and watching the videos!

Here is what is says on the About Us Page.......

"America Haunts is a collective of the most successful and renowned haunted houses & attractions in the country!

Visitors to these events can expect to experience Hollywood style special effects, amazing actors, astounding detail, lots of scares, and tons of fun! Each year these Haunted Houses grow in quality and attendance as countless hours of work by talented and dedicated professionals is invested in giving guests the thrill of a lifetime!

Media, both national and local, can expect to find great stories and footage at any and all of our member's attractions. The managers and owners of these haunted houses are always eager and willing to provide interesting and entertaining stories packed full of vivid content that will make any segment rock!

Sponsors of these attractions enjoy astounding success as they are able to access huge festival crowds, massive media buys, and intense public relation campaigns.

In addition Sponsors can tap into the established and proven seasonal success in each attraction's market accessing massively large and loyal fan bases.

From collective national sponsorships to regional samplings America Haunts provides a number of options that are proven to drive traffic and increase sales to partner businesses and organizations.

Weather you are a fan, a member of the media, or a potential sponsor we encourage you tour our website, enjoy its many features, and learn more about our member's and our group as a whole."

Here are a few more videos I finally got done. One is a copy of the Lances Journal story about the Halloween Prop Builders Workshop that aired on channel 10/11, the other is a slideshow of pictures of the class.

Lances Journal Story

The picture slideshow

Coming up soon, Transworld Halloween & Attraction Show, March 25- 28th!

For anyone who may be interested in going, Brad and I are planning to attend this event. We will be leaving Friday March 26th for a drive down there. We will be staying at the hotel for 2 nights and attending the show for a few hours on Friday then all day Saturday and again for awhile on Sunday. We will be staying at the Holiday Inn which is right across the street from the convention center. We have extra rooms reserved if anyone wants to go. The rooms cost $109 a night and yes this is at discounted rates that we get for attending the convention.

If you are planning on attending you must let us know ahead of time as Brad has to get you a badge(s) with your name(s) on them which are required for entry into this event!

For more information on this convention goto their web site at

Home Haunt News at has the October issue available and a special edition picture issue now available to view also!

One of our members, Sabrina, had sent us a picture of an awesome fairy specimen she made! (The picture on the right) I love how it turned out! Great creativity and imagination!

I came across this web site which reminded me of her work, I thought I would also share with everyone perhaps not just for enjoyment but for inspiriation as well!

The website is

Haunt 31

This is a Home Haunt, located at: Lake in the Hills, IL.
It usually runs from the second week in October thru Halloween, thursday thru saturday

The haunt is owned and created by Toby Wrolson He creates everything by hand, he may use "store bought componets" but says "none of the display comes directly from the store."He does a lot of work to the outside of the house, creating a large cemetery in the front yard, and an awesome looking cemetery gate to enter through.
Although he has not added any pictures since 2007, looking through the different photos of various years is a must! It is definately worth looking at all the different photos of the haunt and costume party the have to see all the great props he creates and to possibly get some ideas from. Definately a job well done! He does have a youtube channel which does have some of the Haunt31 videos, just scroll down the list of videos he has on his channel and look for the the title of Haunt31.
The youtube link to his channel is

Joshua Hoffine

Some of you may have already came across some of this artwork on the internet. Joshua Hoffine does "Childhood Nightmares" photography. His creations are really neat, different and they capture the fear and innocence of the characters. He has a great imagination. If you get the chance take a few moments to check out his work and his awesome creations. His website is

Halloweeen Howler

This is a small unit you can record whatever sound, voice or music clip directly on to by just talking into the speaker on the unit or holding it up to a speaker where the sound is you want to record is coming out of. It has a motion sensor on it and when you turn the unit on and place it next to a prop or area (making sure a small amount of backlight is in the area to create the shadow that will make the sensor go off, you can be in complete darkness if using the infred verson) and when someone walks by the sensor is triggered and the sound will go off! Pretty cool idea and a great way to get specific sounds to go off only when a guest walks by and not having to have it playing continuously all night! You also won't have to learn how to create circut boards or learn how to program a control box.

This quote is directly from the maker/creator chips international's web site:
"In 1997 we first introduced the Halloween Howler to the haunt industry, with the ability to record and playback your own sounds its been a firm favorite with both amateur haunters and professional haunt houses alike. With its popularity came the realization that the motion-activated audio playback was also perfect for an ever increasing number of scenarios such as museums, real estate, safety and security to name just a few. The continual development of the Halloween Howler (voted as the “Worlds Scariest Gadget” by Popular Science magazine in 2003) has resulted in our newest and most advanced unit to-date: The Superseller II. This model takes our motion-activated sound playback to new levels of complexity with up to 7 minutes of record time that can be broken up into 42 individual messages that can be played back randomly or sequentially. Activated by either passive infrared sensor or via one of two external inputs, you can fully customize your message and delivery for maximum impact."

They make three different versions depending on what your needs are and how much you want to spend, these units are very affordable, they start at $24.95, so you won't have to sell any body parts to afford one.

I do own one of these units if anyone would like to see it, be able to see how it works and get a chance to "play" with it let me know and I will bring it to the "Fear Crafters Chili Feed"!

Hungry? Learn how to create this grouesome looking meatloaf that looks like a hand to serve to your family or friends at Halloween time!

HERE to goto the webpage!

The Haunting Grounds

Here is a great website for you to check out. It is called This site has great information, projects, pictures, video and more. Take some time to browse through the awesome pictures!