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Movie Previews
Chili Feed Contest Winner!
The Traveling Headless Horseman
New Audio Speaker Product - Must SEE!
Disney's Flickering Candles - Haunted Mansion
Cheap but realistic looking Fresh Graves
Flickering Candle How to by Terra
Transworld Convention Update
New Home Haunt News
2010 Spooky Town
Featured Haunt - The Darkness
Featured Web Site - The Dead End
Haunt Magazine re-released - Fright Times
Some cool How To videos I found!

Movie Previews!

I sell the dead, movie trailer.

Resident Evil: Afterlife.

Survival of the Dead (George A. Romero's) .

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.



Chili Feed Best Halloween/Haunt picture contest winner is.......
Scott Hillen!

Congratulations Scott!

He won a prize package loaded with all kinds of Haunting goodies for him to use for this years haunt!

Check out the slideshow video of his Haunt, Hilloween Haunted Cemetery below!

I came across this clip and thought I would pass it along. This is actually a promotion that meijer grocery stores were doing for thier stores by projecting the headless horseman upon buildings in different cities. Pretty Cool!

Part 2

Disney licensed their candle technology to a company that will be releasing them in the next couple of months.
They are called Dream Candles made by Candella:
Here's a video:

Here is a great how to on Creating Realistic Flickering Candles.
To see more of Terra's Work and awesome creations goto
Terra's YoutTube page

Create Cheap but Realistic looking Fresh Graves!

Here is a quick, cool and cheap way to make fresh graves. This is a way to create a look of dirt laying on top of a fresh grave with out actually placing dirt on top of your yard/grass.
Check it out!

Fresh Grave how to

This is soooooooo cool, especially for the Home Haunter!
At Transworld we came accross a vendor, they had this great product "Huge Pro Audio Sound Compact MP3 Speaker". A long name for a small product. This will be available in June and the cost is $99.99, which may seem like a lot but look at what ALL it can do!!

Here is what the flyer said:
This Podium Pro Audio speaker is perfect for all your haunting applications. This speaker has huge sound, a compact package and versatile connections. The most exciting features of this speaker is the built in MP3 player and 12 hour battery. No more fumbling over wires or skipping CD's. You simply download your track and the included USB device, plug it in and you are ready to haunt. This speaker is a great solution for your animatronic displays.

Output power: 30W
Equalization: Treble, Bass
Clean and Over Drive Channel
Speaker: 4 ohm 8"
CD Input
USB Input
Dimensions: (W.H.D): 285x220x360mm
Weight: 9.5kg
Built-in Rechargeable Battery with Level Indicator
Lasts over 12 Hours Two-wheel System with Retractable Handle for Easy Portability

Model: PPM8

What I liked about this unit is the sound, it has great/deep bass so no tinny sounds or music, the rechargable battery so you don't have to have extension cords to run it. With this unit you could have sound where ever you need it without messing with cd's, cords, or cheap sounding speakers. If you compare the price to a "good" sounding boombox it's not too far off, if not cheaper!

Transworld Halloween & Attraction Show, March 25- 28th!

Here is our Review:

The show floor seemed not quite as full I had seen it before but, that didn't mean we wouldn't spend HOURS walking though it. There were lots of cool new products too see! See video and slideshow below!
The show started Thursday but, we got there Friday afternoon. We didn't get to the show floor Friday but, we did have the priveledge of meeting up with Tammy and Scott at the Dubliner for drinks and some great conversation! We had a great night!

Saturday we got to the show floor early and spent all day there till about 3:00 pm. The floor was packed, lots of people and not to mention all the cool stuff to look at. We got the opportunity to talk to some vendors, learned a lot about some great new props and products, ran into some friends and finally got the chance to say hi to Scott and Raven who we didn't get the chance to meet up with Friday evening as they went to "Mr.Bills" Haunted Attraction (maybe we can get him to type up a review of the Haunt? hint, hint = ) ). Everyone was having a good time.

We got some stuff, seen a lot of items to put on our wish list but by the end of the afternoon sitting down was the best feeling in the world!

Saturday evening we met up with Scott and his group for dinner. It was wonderfull to meet all of them them. Then at 7:00pm we went to "The Darkness" Haunt (see the review below), after the haunt we met back up with Scott and his group along with some of his haunt friends that were also at Transworld, what a great bunch, very nice people and very talented too! Had a great time having the opportunity to talk and share ideas with everyone!

St. Louis was a great time, and from what I have been hearing the retail side (the part that was in Chicago) will be joining them again for next year and they are creating more siminars (now wether or not they are affordable or what they will be on we will have to wait and see), they are also making the show floor 4 times as big as this years was. So if that is true next years Transowrld show will be a definate DON'T MISS SHOW!

The Darkness

When at Transworld Saturday night we took the tour of "The Darkness" Haunted Attraction. I personally thought the haunt was really cool.

There were things I liked and a few I didn't but, first let me tell you about the things I did like.

Lots of eye candy and lots of well decorated and very detailed scenes not to mention some unique scenes I have not seen before for example one of the new scenes they have for this year is a "funeral" scene, one designed as if you were in a funeral home complete with a preacher standing on his podium next to the coffin with the deceased. Upon entering this scene you walk right in front of both on your right side. Then continuing on to your left is a maze that you must walk through of pews and of course there are people (corpses) sitting in them. Which knowing they had actors throughout the haunt this really makes you anticipate one of the corpses/people you have to walk by in the pews jumping up in your face or scaring you somehow. For an added touch the path that you walked took you right by a midget (politically correct?) this actor remained perfectly still just like the people/corpses in the pews, this actor jumped out in front of me and as I was not looking down I did not see him and he scared the **** out of me. Overall a great scene and a great way to make you a part of it by making you work your way back and forth through it.

They had a lot of really cool cemetery/mausoleum scenes to walk through and got some great ideas! Another section of the haunt I thought was awesome was their 3D sesction. This had a circus/clown theme. The 3D paintings, scenery and effects were awesome and very effective. I loved the added twist of having hanging severed clown heads.

I believe it took us an hour to go through the haunt. At the end you come upon this room with lots of collectables and movie memorbelia to gaze upon and admire, cool stuff to take a few minutes to check out.

What didn't I like?
Ok so I mentioned that they had a LOT of scenes that were very detailed. I wish they would of had a few spots that were not so heavily detailed so that when you did go into a room that was "heavily" detailed you would really appreciate and admire it more, it seems almost overkill. Don't get me wrong, I loved all the details, but all the really cool scenes could have been unforgetable instead of trying to remember them.

One other thing I didn't like was that when they are open for the Halloween Season their ticket price is $20 for everyone to go during the transworld show everyone had to pay $50, I know they had it specailly open for transworld but really $30 more? It was great to see it and to say I have been there but I would not pay $50 to go through it again.

See their video below from the history channel:

Home Haunt News at has the October issue available and a special edition picture issue now available to view also!

2010 Spooky Town!

See the new 2010 Spooky Town line up!
See the new releases and see which older ones are still available.
You can now order online!


The Dead End This is a great web site! I came across this site as I was searching the web for corpsing. I quickly discovered that this site has many different prop how to's available, ones that are awesome and some that are different that I have not seen else where. Along with the how to's there are a lot of great tips!

If you have halloween parties/events you will love the how to's and tips for invitations, recipes, decorating and more!

Also on the menu on the left don't forget to click on the different years listed, these are links to photos of their haunt of that particular year!

Take some time and check this site out, you will get some great ideas!

Haunt Magazine Re-released - Fright Times Magazine

"One of the very first magazines in the industry, Fright Times magazine was created in 1996 by John Denley of Boneyard Productions. Issue #1 went to print in spring of 1997 and it took off like a storm.

"The issues continued to get larger and more widely published and continued until issue #14 in the winter of 2001. In 2002, John stopped producing Fright Times magazine and went off to focus on a music career and went on to produce quite a few albums."

Here is a quote from John Denley the creator of the magazine:

As most of you know, I am a haunt builder and consultant and soon Fright Times became a full time job. I simply had to choose between creating the haunts or running the magazine. So it came that I retired Fright Times until I could find someone who could bring the same promise and excitement to industry. I have had many offers to purchase the magazine from those who thought themselves competitors but I waited until the situation and the time was right. Now is that time and I proudly have turned it over to the capable and trustworthy hands of Rob Kocher of the National Haunters Convention and The Village of Darkness.

Fright Times can once again reach out to haunters both new an old and do what we do best, share information and get you the latest in "How- To" wizardry and haunt news! As for me, I will humbly stay onboard as a regular contributor and I invite you to get involved as well. So without further adieu, I simply must say, "It's Alive Again… Long Live Fright Times!"
John Denley

The magazine is being re-released April 2010, the price will be $20 for 2 issues a year, issues released in April and in October.

Some Cool How To videos I have found!

A great example of applying prosthetics.

Blood Cannon

Easy way to make a latex prosthetic / appliance.