In 1998 I started my first Haunt in Lincoln Nebraska, called The Monster Zone.
It was a FREE Haunt and everyone was welcome.
Guests would begin their journey through the haunt starting when they came up the decorated haunted driveway. They would continue through the haunt going through various enclosed scene rooms, tunnels, twists and turns, and outdoor scenes. All complete with their own lighting, sounds, props, actors and animated props. As we always got screams we also got many compliments on "how cool" everyone thought the haunt was from kids, teenagers, parents and adults of all ages! When you get a wide of a variety of people who love what you did it really makes you feel great! But our haunt would not be complete without the Free candy! Even though we always spent way too much money creating and building the haunt we always made sure we had "tons" of candy. We had to make sure everyones Halloween experience would include the Treats at the end.
Every year I built more props and my father and I would built more scenes and tunnels through out the yard. As the haunt and it's location became known year by year so did the attendance number. Having a line down the sidewalk of people waiting to go through your haunt in an incredable feeling!
This is where it all started for me! To see different years of "The Monster Zone" from the very start go to these picture pages:

2005 The Monster Zone and New Props
2003 The Monster Zone
2002 The Monster Zone
2001 The Monster Zone and New Props
1999 The Monster Zone & YMCA HAUNT
1998 The Monster Zone

On these pages you can see how the haunt grew and changed
as my building skills and knowledge grew along with it!

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