including character latex
& fx contacts lenses

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Skull Tower

Please NOTE DO NOT get Spray Foam on your skin! It is very difficult to get off! Use gloves.

I took chicken wire and cut a 5' wide x 6' tall section and rolled it up and tied the overlapping edges together with wire (so it wouldn't come apart). Stood it upwards, put a plastic sheet underneath it (to protect the driveway), then taking a few skulls and bones I placed them where I liked them and attached them to the chicken wire with wire (twist ties from garbage bags will work if you have enough of them), once you have this done you can spray the spray faom "good stuff" all over the chicken wire and around your bones and skulls. You will naturally end up with gaps all over, this is ok you want to have these!! When dry spray paint what ever colors you like, then by using a old lamp fixture and a colored light bulb place in the center of your tower (I use a red bulb) and the results are awsome!!