Video projection has been around for awhile, but because of the cost was used primarily in large commercial haunted attractions.

As this venue explodes into the Haunting Industry more companies are creating these "videos" and realizing many Haunted Attractions & Home/Yard Haunters want to have awesome projection videos at an affordable price.

Below are the ones we carry, please view them all as each one is different.

For more information on "How to use and set up" video projection, click HERE .

* Please Note * - These DVD's will be shipped separately
as they are drop shipped from the manufacturer.
Shipping time may vary.

"Jon Hyers has been working in the field of special effects for decades,
his videos are the fruit of thousands of
hours of hard work and lots and lots of screaming feedback.

Coming Soon!
New videos!
We are in the process of expanding our video line!

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