Prop Teeth.......

Are an item that can add that extra touch of realism to all your haunted props and corpsing projects.
Often times hard to find, we offer a complete set (loose pack) to enhance your next creation.
Our teeth are cast from an actual dental set and cast in a hard plastic compound.
Just glue into place!
Attaching them to styrofoam? Use hot glue or foamboard glue.

To see samples of these teeth incorporated in corpse head props please scroll to the bottom of this page!

A full set of teeth
28 pieces per bag
Color: White
Want them to look decayed or rotten?
These can be stained or painted!

$8.95 per bag.

Close up of teeth used in a corpse head prop, painted finish. Hot Glue was used to attach the teeth, you can use less glue if you want more of the teeth showing and less gums.

Corpse Head not included - shown for visual of teeth used in a corpse head prop.