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Universal PVC Joint

Occassionly a product comes on the market that can literally change the way things are done in an industry, this is such a product! For years PVC has been used to make armatures for props from static to animatronic to pnuematic. Up until this point, we have had to settle for the standard 45 or 90 degree fitting or make our own.

This product solves that dilemma! These PVC joints are perfect for your next armature project ; shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, wings, giant spider legs, ect. They are solid pvc construction and fit a standard 1" pvc pipe. With the radius slots in the ends and the rotational center (bolt and nylon insert lock nut included), you can achieve almost any angle with these!

Comes 2 to a set.

Please note: These are for decorational purposes only and have not been designed or tested as a structural or load bearing device.

Price: $11.95
*Set of 2*

Skeleton Arms
From elbow to fingertip 16"
Hard Plastic
2 pieces, one right & one left
$9.99 each.

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