Here you will find a great assortment of CD's from some very talented people and/or groups.
Each one unique and has it's own style, some may contain music others sound effects.
Take a listen to the sample tracks!

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Spooky Soundtracks

Solo 2 CD set from Jim Stevens. A range of thriller music for the haunt industry.

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Jon Hyers HauntScapes 1

Jon Hyers has begun to create Haunting Music CDs, besides his many visual effects DVDs. Hyers, trained in Music in College, has begun recording some 20 years of tunes, using a Roland Gain, Yamaha Keyboard, and Vintage Moog Synthesizer. The idea is spooky background tracks for a wide range of situations. Much of this music is used in Jon's film, Harry Murdoch and the Curse of the Grim Reaper.