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Combo Packages!

These combo packs are a great way to get these DVD's and save $$$ in the process!

For more information on "How to use and set up" video projection, click HERE

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Projected Reality How-To DVD Volume 1 AND Projection FX Vol. 1 DVD COMBO

Projected Reality How-To DVD Volume 1
2 hrs+ How To Video on Jon Hyers research, tips, tricks and set-ups for video projection FX, including many sections on doing Virtual 3D with a video projector.

Projection FX DVD
is the result of years of research, by Jon Hyers, into Virtual Reality for the Real World of Live Events, Plays, Haunted Houses, Museums, Theme Parks. Virtual 3D was invented in 2006, and first tested for a major client at a Museum in St. Petersburg RUSSIA, which opened in 2008. Since then Wisconsin Dells, TOP SECRET Theme Park uses some of the effects on this DVD, and custom ones. The DVD features Ghosts for staircases, and open a door and walking out, fire and flood effects, various other ghosts, ghost Cats, Grim Reaper and many Ghosts from Ghost Machines DVD series. Use a standard video projector for these effects, follow the onscreen instruction chapters to see the basics on setting up the projector
Price: $149
*Includes Shipping*

Projected Reality 2 DVD AND FX2 COMBO

Projected Reality 2, and Projection FX two DVDs are sold together as a set. It's the latest, fall 2010 DVDs from Jon Hyers, special effects for haunts, home haunters, and theme parks

Price: $149
*Includes Shipping*



VRFX Tools, are Special Effects clips on DVD, for use with TVS and Videprojectors for Haunted House, Theme Parks, Home Haunters, Stage Theater. Virtual Reality Images, of a wide range of images, appear on looped tracks. TVs of different sizes can be used for various effects, behind walls, windows, lab tables, and more. Storms out windows for example are easily done. High Voltage for Frankenstein's arc, or fire, are also easy to do with a TV. This 4 DVD set, contains 66 effects on 3 DVDs, and a 4h DVD which is a detailed HOW TO video on using TVS for virtual effects. This includes a short movie, called the Adventures of Frank Ann Stein, which is one of creator Jon Hyers' trademark examples of High Quality Movie style lighting for an interesting educational scene.

Price: $139
*Includes Shipping*

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