Prop eyes can add a dramatic effect and a unique finishing touch to many of your props.
You can use these to complete that zombie or corpse prop you've been working on, use them to unnerve guests walking by with faceless eyes staring at them in the bushes or add them to any other devious ideas you come up with.

Our LED light up eyes.....

Each pair of eyeballs light up with a LED inside (of what color specified).
Each eye comes prewired, the wires come out from the back and are approx. 6" long.
Each eye has an in line resistor and are wired for a 9 volt battery.
Also a 9 volt battery snap is included but not attached (we keep them seperate so you can add extension wire to custom tailor your needs).
Simply complete the wiring, add a 9 volt battery and your ready to start scaring!
Each eyeball is realistic in size, approx. 1" in diameter.

We are no longer creating LED Eyes
for the 2010 Halloween season!

The LED Eyes will be available again in 2011,

Thank you for your interest!

Happy Haunting,

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