Using Video Projection is something relatively new to Home Haunting and in Haunted Attractions as well.

If Video Projection is a tool you decide to incorporate into your haunt, you will leave your visitors amazed and mystified.

Searching for different Halloween projection dvds can be a tedious process, you could end up spending hours, days and weeks on the internet searching.

To use video projection in your haunt you will need the following items:
- a projector
- dvd player or computer/laptop
- the wires to connect the projector to a dvd player, computer or laptop
(keep in mind if your dvd player, computer or laptop is going to be kept indoors or quite a ways from where your projector is placed you will need to get a longer RYW or HDMI cord. I believe you can get these in 25, 50 and 100 feet lengths, just check on ebay, that's where I found them, reasonably priced too!)
- Halloween projection dvd
- a "screen" of some type
- and if you want your image to have sound, speakers.

So do you have to spend $100's or $1000's for a projector or to have video projection in your haunt?

The good news is NO !

You can actually get a good projector for about $30 - $50.

What type of projector?

There are a few good ones out there that will cost you anywhere from $30 - $50 but, who knows you could get an even better deal if you find one on ebay or at a garage sale.

The different types:
The Sharper Image projector
The Wonder Wall projector
Eye Clops mini projector
Torpedo projector

For a better projection use an older style projector. They do not have as high image resolution as the new projectors do but they still have a clear picture and you can get them for about $40 - $60. These could cost more if you find them in great condition of course a few scratches or a little wear and tear that doesn't effect the image but just the casing is always ok!

These are some older projectors models that have cheap bulbs, when I say cheap I mean you can purchase them for about $10 - $20.

These older types are:
Infocus LitePro 550
VP 800 (viewpoint)
Optoma EzPro 500
Optoma ExPro 550
Proxima LB-10
Proxima LB-20

Ok so now you can go and get yourself a projector, also pick up all the other items you will need and lets get started!

First lets set up your screen.
Now this will be different depending on what type of effect you are creating.

For a window projection you can hang a white sheet in the window.

For a ghost in the graveyard arising out of the ground you can use a sheet of plexiglass or create a wood frame out of 1" x 2" 's (spray paint black) and attach winter window plastic (the kind you can shrink/tighten with a hairdryer)to this frame.
You can also use black cheesecloth or black tulle for an invisible screen.

Once you have your screen set up you can now hook up your computer, laptop or dvd player to the projector.

Turn on the projector and your dvd player, computer or laptop to determine how far or close up you need the projector to be from your screen.

There are different ways to "hide" your projector from you guests, you can (if possible) set it behind a tree or bush, or the best way I have found is to make a statue or tombstone and leave the backside open (your guests won't see this side anyway).
Make sure when creating one of these that you make the statue or tombstone large enough so that your projector will fit inside AND I would recommend having about 10 inches of open space on each side and on top of your projector. You don't want it to over heat!

Now not only will creating one of these statues or tombsones hide your projector but it will also help cover it in case it starts to drizzle or rain. Of course, it if does start to rain unplug the projector and take it inside!

Once you get your distance adjusted correctly and your projection is working/playing, you are pretty much done setting up your video projection.

If you are hooking up speakers to your projector now is the time to do so. Also find a way and place to hide or disguise them.

Now you can stand back and enjoy your projection!

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