If you would like Nighthills Studios to sponsor your Haunt / Event, please email the following to us at sales@nightchillsstudios.com .

1) Your events Name along with a description, including where and when your event is and year event started.

2) What charity you are raising money for with a copy of your 501 status OR a letter from the charity itself stating that you are raising funds for them through the proceeds of your event.

3) Your "wish list" with what item(s) you would like for your Haunt / Event.

4) Your Mailing information.

5) A banner for your website that we can add to the "Haunts with a cause" page.

Once your request has been approved, we will send you an email notification along with a tracking number for your shipment.

We will also provide our banner picture and ask that you help support Nightchills Studios by placing a link to us on your website.

Thank you,
Nightchills Studios

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