For the DIY haunter, we are offering this selection of cherub/angel embellishments.
You can use these to enhance almost anything you want to add a victorian/gothic touch to.
We use these for some of the tombstones we produce.

The embellishments are cast in a very lightweight material and can be glued to almost anything.
The finished piece will have "pits" in the surface, this occurs in the casting process and is natural, this adds an "aged" look to each piece.
A finish coat of paint is necessary to seal and protect these.

These items are made to order, please allow extra time for shipping.
If purchasing with other items, order may be delayed due to production time unless otherwise arranged.

Angel #1

Height = 3 1/4", Width = 5 3/4"

1 Piece

$4.95 each

Angel #2

Height = 3", Width = 6"

1 piece

$4.95 each

Two Small Angels

Height = 1 3/4", Width = 3"

Each one is the same size.

$3.95 for a set of 2

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