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To order a tombstone go throught page and select all options you would like on the tombstone then click on the "buy now" button. To purchase more than one tombstone click "continue shopping" button repeat the same steps as before and click the "buy now" button again. Continue this process for each additional tombstone you would like to purchase!

Tombstone Ordering - Step One
Choose a template.....

Template Choice

Step Two
Choose a color.....

Color Choice

Step Three
Depending upon you tombstones base color, will determine the color that we use in the aging process. This process also incorporates "chips and cracks" in the finish of the stone. Because each stone is made by hand, each one is unique and will have some variation on the finished product. See samples below. If you do not want an aging effect applied to your tombstone please click on the "No Aging Effect Box" below.

No Aging Effect

Step Four
Choose Special Effect.....

Special Effect Choice