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Several years ago I was faced with a problem that many of us face, being a lover of Halloween and all the mystery and macabre that goes with it, I was increasingly disgusted with the cheap, mass produced department store decorations that look like crap and, most professional grade products are out of budget for the typical Halloween affectionado. So, I began to make my own starting in my garage with tombstones. I experimented and modified until I reached a level of quality that I was willing to share with others.

This is the foundation that NightChills was built upon; producing custom made, quality products at an affordable price.

Our tombstones are like no others in todays market. Each stone is hand made making them unique in their own right. Every stone is reinforced with rigid inner tubes that add stability and allow staking to the ground over & over without damaging the foam. They also have a plexiglass base which further protects the stone and also allows them to be used indoor as well as out. And, yes they are weather resistant to be enjoyed year after year unlike many cheap products out there that only last 1 season.

As you begin your journey on the following pages, you'll see other products offered for your demented pleasures that we feel meet our standard of quality.

Check back often as our site continues to grow, so too will our product line.

Welcome to our world and let your journey begin..........