including character latex
& fx contacts lenses

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The Mortuary

I made this the entry scene of my haunt in 2003. It was a great hit. On our carport I used chicken wire (for support) to enclose it. Then wrapped the chicken wire with black plastic. I used a couple of 4x8 sheets of pink polyurathane foam, cut a couple of windows in them, painted them grey and attached them to the front of the carport leaving a large enough space on the far right side for the entrance door. Put cardboard on the top slanted and covered with black plastic for the roof. I got a couple of large carboard tubes that I painted an used as podeums. Hung flickering lanterns by the front door. When you walked in you first scene ghouls and skeletons sitting in some chairs, waiting their turn to check in with a nice haunted candlelabra I made hanging above. Then a few feet from the door was a table with a guest book, haunted table lamp, and some glowing shredded cheesecloth that you had to walk through. On the other side was the lab. Here are some pictures below.......