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Monster Mud!

What is monster mud?
It is a mixture of joint compound and paint.

To create a monstermud prop you will need:
Joint Compound
Latex paint (color of your choice)
Burlap or material of your choice, burlap is mostly used
paint mixer attachment for a drill & the drill
Chicken Wire
Zip Ties
Wood to make a base and frame holder
From what I understand there is no wrong way to mix up the paint, I have heard 5:1 ratio works (paint being 1) but the only thing that matters it what works best for you. You take strips of material (burlap) and dip it into this mixture, then you wrap it around a monster body/frame, to make a body you need some chicken wire and duct tape. Shape the chicken wire into your monster creating the arms, legs and body to the shape and size you desire, twist tie the open ends of the chicken wire together or use duct tape, then duct tape a sytro foam head to the body. Put plastic or cardboard on the ground to protect it then, put your material dipped into monster mud onto your frame, wrapping piece by piece, one at a time around your frame then let dry. This can take several days. Then when completely dry coat with an acrylic clear coat or polyuathne to weather protect it.

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