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Halloween Party Ideas

If you are creating an Halloween Party then this page is for you!
I hope that on this page you will find some great ideas that will help you out while planning and designing your party.
Below are many different items, descriptions and suggestions.

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At first youu may think that using a bubble machine for your Halloween Party would be something you would do.

But, after reading this section you may change your mind and want to try these cool effects!

Foggy Bubbles- Use regular bubble fluid for your bubble machine, place a fog machine behind your bubble machine aiming the fog at the fan on the back of the bubble machine. As the bubble machine pulls air into create the bubbles it will pull in the fog and the air inside your bubbles will be foggy/smokey. What is really cool is that when the bubbles "pop" as they are floating around you will see small puffs of fog/smoke in the air - really cool!

UV reactive bubbles - if you are using a black light at your party then you have to try this!
Teckno Bubbles makes two different UV reactive bubble fluids, gold and blue. Just use as you would regular bubble fluid but add a blacklight to the room. You will have "glowing" bubbles floating everywhere an awesome effect!
Also try with the foggy bubble techinque or use a strobing blacklight (available at "spencers gift stores") for a strobing bubble effect!

Strobing Bubbles- I read about this techinque a few years ago on the internet. And that year I used it in my home haunt and got rave reviews! Guests loved the effect!
All you have to do is place a strobe light behind your bubble machine. Have the bubble machine placed at thte end of a path, hallway or if at a party you could also place in a corner facing outward. You want your guests to walk towards the bubble machine and strobe light. The effect will be that the bubbles will be continuously moving place to place as the strobe goes off. Lots of fun!

Glowing Balloons- Here are a couple of ways to create glowing balloons.
Take a glow stick(activated) and place it inside a white frosted balloon then inflate the balloon with either helium or air. If using regular air try haning the balloons with a ribbon upside down hanging from the ceiling, in a tree(don't fill completely full it will help the balloon stay softer and not be as fragile especially if hanging in a tree this will help them last longer) or garden hooks in the yard.

Besides using a glow stick you could use "Acolyte FloraLyte" (a led and watch battery unit, small and bright - used to illuminate flower arrangements, gel candles(underneath), and more) these are available in many different colors and last for 48 hours. Just do a search on the internet for them many craft and floral companies carry these!

Clear balloons with spider webs inside - What you'll need:
- 11-inch clear latex balloons
- Small rubber spiders
Inject a little less than the usual amount of Hi-float into an clear balloon and rub it around to coat the inside.
Next place a small rubber spider inside the balloon. Inflate the balloon to about 75% of the full-size with air. Seal the balloon with a plastic disk or clip. Let it dry overnight. Place the balloon out in the open where there is good air circulation. It must be very dry in order to form the spider web.
The next day remove the clip and deflate the balloon. Hold the balloon by the stem and the top as shown to the right below, and stretch it a few times to separate the dry film from the wall of the balloon. Now slowly inflate the balloon with Helium or air.
When the balloon is almost full-size the Hi-Float film will separate from the wall in several places and hang inside the balloon to form a spider web. If the coating does not separate, deflate the balloon, stretch it a couple of more times and reinflate it.

Party Music
There are many different cd's you can purchase at department stores around Halloween that consist of sound effects or Halloween themed songs either from horror movies or songs that just fit into the Halloween category such as Thriller, Monster Mash, I put a spell on you, Purple people eater, etc.
These cost around between $2.00 to $20.00

If you want something more unique and haunting you really should try some of these artists/albums.

Midnight Syndicate

Scene Setters
Scene Setters are a quick and easy way to decorate and hide your walls. You can also use them in on haunt and tunnel walls as well.

Glow in the dark Items
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