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Here are some awesome halloween companies!
No matter if your looking for some great props, haunt accessories, or for some items for props you are making, these companies have much to offer and, have great products!!

If you don't want to scroll through the whole page you can just click on the category you would like to view below and they will take you directly to that section!

Props Lighting Music/Sound
Make Up Masks Fog
Paints Haunted Portraits Walls
Lasers Special Effects Candles
Foam Cutters Video Projection Skeletons
DVD's Magazines Smells

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- Nightchills Studios! Come visit our online store and satisfy your Halloween needs. We offer custom made tombstones, corpsed items, props, hard to find prop building supplies, soundscapes and other Halloween items for both the Novice and Professional Haunter alike!

- animated, scenic, and static props, video effects, fx supplies and more!

- "DC Design Studio & DC Props specializes in the design and fabrication of high end, professional quality, Halloween Props and custom animatronic creatures as well as standard thru amusement grade movement platforms."

- "The Scarefactory, Inc. is a full service Design and Fabrication Studio that specializes in creating Haunted Attractions and everything that goes into them. We are probably best known for our Catalog line of economically priced Animated Characters, Furniture, Fixtures and Props."

- masks, props, accessories, awesome selection! Request catalog.

- animated props, books & videos, costumes, magic supplies, masks, event controlers, camo netting, haunted pictures .

- large costumes, puppets, cadaverama, heads, animations, corpsification kit, music and sound/scene cds.

- flicker generators, event controls, animations, costumes, props, haunted houses, foggers, candles, web cloth.

Terror By Design - Buy a Web Shooter, animation controlers, lighting effects, materials and supplies, haunted house books, cds and more!

- The #1 Source for Haunted House Animatronics Props & Halloween Decorations!

- Welcome to We offer quality haunted house props, halloween music, animatronics, supplies, decorations and animations built to scare!

- The guys use to be named Oak Island Productions! These guys carry different items ranging from camouflage, Claustrophobia Effects, startle effects, material, sceneic materials, props, flame retardant, and more!


HauntMaster Products Inc. - all kinds of controlers! Thunder & lightning flicker control, fright light, candle flickerer, LED eyes, event control timer, flip flop control, and more.

- Everything you can imagine for all of your black light needs!


- Nox Arcana is renowned for creating haunting, gothic-themed soundscapes with classic horror references, strong literary influences, original captivating storylines, hidden riddles and elaborate puzzles.!

- Must Have haunt music!

- Our lab proudly gives birth to audio-scapes befitting the backdrop to your most disturbing nightmare. Far from the mundane Halloween music of your childhood, we stray from the cliché and strive for fear instilling scenes that may not be suitable for all ages.

- RustyKnife Haunt Soundtracks produces Hollywood style sound effect tracks for haunted attractions, dark rides and the general public.

- Many only know Virgil as a professional composer/ educator with a penchant for writing adventure music, film scores, and music for haunted attractions.

Make Up & Appliances

- High quality foam latex appliances, movie quality!

- Buy jewelry, costume latex horns (small or EXTRA LARGE),costume ears, etc.

- Our world renowned highly-pigmented Hydrocolor line of professional water-activated make-up has the best coverage in the industry. We also carry a wide range of face painting products from glitter, to sponges, to Step-By Step books. !

- Graftobian's products include HD or Hi Def Makeup, Professional Cosmetics, Fantasy Makeup, Airbrush Makeup, Halloween Makeup, Theatrical Makeup, Moulage Makeup and much more!

- Cinema Secrets has been providing entertainment-industry makeup artists and special effects enthusiasts with some of the most innovative costumes, theatrical makeup, prosthetics, props, and FX supplies. This includes our wildly popular Woochie brand latex appliances, which allow anyone to easily apply realistic wounds and effects.

- From Mehron's collection of Entertainment Makeup we offer you the same theatrical makeup used by Special Effects Artists on Broadway and in Hollywood. We have Bloody Stuff, special effects makeup products to recreate gory, bloody effects. We offer Crepe Hair, used by professional makeup artists to create beards, moustaches, or hair extensions along with Hair Coloring, used to age a character's hair.

- Bobby Weiner the F/X Make-up Queen is one of the most respected and successful Artesians in her field. She is also the owner and founder of Bloody Mary, the make up effects company known for its blood and Goth make up products.


- masks, half masks, awesome latex wings, hands, bras, corsets, feet, capes & cloaks.

- Awesome masks!

- Custom masks, props, costumes and more!

- Trick or Treat Studios designs and manufactures high quality,
affordable Halloween masks.

We are dedicated to bringing back the retro look
and feel from the golden age of mask making.
Our masks are made with the highest quality
and attention to detail.

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- The Got Fog? web site contains more information on the subject of fog machines in general, and there use for Halloween than any other source on or off the Internet.


- Paint that is clear in regular light but, glows brightly in a variety of colors under a black light! Awesome stuff! Great for props!

- Europium UltraGlow is a rare-Earth Europium based glow-in-the-dark paint. Based on our Europium UltraGlow powder, it is the brightest, longest lasting, non-toxic glow-in-the-dark paint known.

Haunted Portraits

- Welcome to Edward Allen's "Haunted Memories." Here in this ghostly gallery you will find all of his adopted family. New "relatives" materialize whenever he is able to channel them and reveal what became of their corruptible mortal remains!

- The Ghoulish Gallery takes all the mystery and nostalgia of Halloween, combines it with spooky Victorian images, and mixes it with the artistic talents of a Hollywood monster maker to conjure up an award winning selection of “spirited” Halloween specialty art commonly know as changing portraits. More than just props, our haunted masterpieces actually transform from seemingly normal to delightfully ghoulish, right before your very eyes. BR>


- NetherCraft architecture and sculpture are original designs inspired by the art and myths of vanished ages. From Gothic to pre-Classical, Norse to Egyptian, and from the artist’s own imagination, each piece is infused with a beauty steeped in antiquity.
Here you will find majestic facades, busts to grace the corners of your home, ancient goddesses to mark the skyline of your garden, and the watchful gaze of some of history’s oldest archetypes. Celtic knotwork embellishes icons and functional items, while mythological figures hearken, perhaps to reinvent your atrium and transport guests into another world.


- Great lasers for your haunt, display or party!

Special Effects

-In 2004, i-Zombie Productions forever changed the Haunting Industry with our invention of the Stereo Lightning Controller as well as the Multi-Channel Lightning Controller. Commercial haunted houses and a legion of home haunt enthusiasts have made i-Zombie the professional choice for thunder and lightning simulation. Our controllers are available in four affordable models: Single Channel, Stereo, Multi-Channel and the new 2400 watt Single Channel Commercial unit. We also back up our products with one of the best warranties in the business! !

- "LightsAlive offers high-quality specialty holiday lighting and special effects products. You can get anything from a few strings of Christmas lights or Halloween effects, or go to a fully-animated Christmas lighting display synched to a broadcast musical soundtrack."
They offer the FireFly Lightning Simulators, Mantis Prop/Scene Controllers, audio items, electrical items, and much more!

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- Halloween season (and more)sented candles, some sweet some sinister, musty and dark!

Foam Cutters

- Hot wire cutting tools for styrofoam, they also carry other accessories!


- buy skeleton's, skeleton parts and other charts and parts. They also have prop ideas and tips!


- NEW 2008 halloween dvd set. 5-7 DVD's with over 8 hours of video. Watch video from all kinds of yard, home, and pro haunts! Visit the web site to learn how to get your set! Also get past years sets if you would like them to! I love them, great to get ideas from!


- DVD Magazine!

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- You can smell the fear! Imagine walking into a forest where you actually smell evergreen and pine trees. You wander through the forest and see a fallen tree as you approach it smells like rotten wood, every step you take the smell of the decaying leaves rises from the ground. What about the smell of a freshly dug grave in your cemetery? Goto this site to learn how to use the sense of smell into your haunt!


- Custom designs/art, web services, logo design!

- I can’t even think about monsters without thinking Toxic Toons. Created by Eric “Unkle” Pigors, Toxic Toons ooze with ghastly charisma. Eric has created a freaky other-world where monsters and undead have free-range to exercise their disgusting proclivities. Observe his world through the illustrations and goodies, such as t-shirts, toys, prints, books, magnets, stickers, etc., available on the Toxic Toons’ website. !

Video Projection

- From one of the creative minds behind SkullTronix™ comes the exciting new cornerstone of high-tech, cutting-edge, scary Halloween props for the professional or home haunt! Famous "Ghost Bust" found here!

- A masterful collection of hauntingly-intense jaw-dropping Visual FX DVDs designed for professional haunt attractions and home haunters. Hi-Rez Designs high-quality digital effects feature larger than life characters, prop effect elements, and eye-popping visuals

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