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Not only to be a part of a group where others have the same passion for the Halloween Holiday that you can socialize with while sharing your ideas, thoughts, creativity and talents, but to participate in group events, gatherings, make n' takes, and more!

Members will also be able to take advantage of any "discounts" or "trips" arranged for the Fear Crafters club, such as Convention trips, Haunted Attraction discounts, vendor discounts or special offers, a discounted price for a local "Halloween Event", etc.

Members will recieve a Membership Card that provides exclusive member discounts to various business partners within the local area.
The Membership Card can be used by anyone in your family.
One membership card per household.

Most of our events are "FREE" to attend.
Some events, such as our make n' takes, will have a small attendance fee.
(make n' take attendance fee's - members $5, non-members $10)
Participents will also pay for their materials for the make n' take kit.

(All make n' take "attendance fee's" go to the club to help provide drinks, snacks, prizes, etc.)

Only members will be allowed to purchase any "Fear Crafters" t-shirts or other items that are available.

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