We have NOW FILLED the 1st bus!
We are now taking reservations for the 2nd bus!
A minimum of 30 reservations is required for the 2nd bus.

Don't delay as reservations have been steadily coming in!

If the requirements for the 2nd bus are not met,those individuals on the RESERVATION list for the 2ND BUS will have their payment(s) refunded.

Haunted Bus Trip
* Refunds only given due to the minimum requirement not being met *

If you don't have a paypal account you can mail us a check, keep in mind we MUST recieve it by October 14th! Also, you must send us an email at info@fearcrafters.com and let us know your name, your phone number, how many people you are paying for with your check and let us know that you have sent a check to us.
In the event that we haven't recieved your check by the deadline we will contact you to verify information.

Make checks payable to: Fear Crafters

Send the checks to:

Fear Crafters
C/O Omaha Bus Trip
6506 Fairfax Ave.
Lincoln, Ne 68505