X-mas Lights

When building either props or other decorations OR just modifying some you already have, you'll find that using christmas lights will definately come in handy. So having Halloween and Chrishtmas stuff out in stores at the same time isn't such a bad thing after all.

You can use 100 (or more) plug in light sets, battery operated 10 (or more)light sets, motion, multifunction light sets. Bubble lights, light up candle sticks, C7 or C9 light sets and replacements bulbs (reg. or blinking)or flicker bulb light sets and replacement bulbs.


You can either hang colored strands of lights up where ever you would like them or put them inside something to really light it up. I like to do this with multifunction lights because they can fade in from one color to another to give you an awsome effect.

Bubble lights look cool in lab scenes.

Light up candle sticks are one of my favorites, in the Lab Scene I put them on top (laying down) of my electrical boxes with blinking replacement C-7 bulbs.

I also attach them to the inside of some of the props I make to light them, especailly some of my Paper Mache' props.

C-7 or C-9 replacement x-mas light bulbs - these come in steady or twinkling (blinking)*my fav*. I put them inside my fake foam light up pumpkins so that they light up all colors and some blink. I also put them in other light up items for a different effect.

Flicker Bulbs - I use these when I make Candelabras to make them look real and for the light (dim orange) they give off. You can use these in the light up candlesticks where ever you want a realistic candle to be, a lot safer that a open flame in your haunt.